About Us

About APW Partners

Choosing a financial adviser is a major decision.  You entrust them with a significant responsibility to protect your assets and help them grow.  That’s a challenge in the best of economic times.

 The team at APW Partners has the discipline and experience of working with many financially successful clients and a track record of proven strategies. 

Our unique dedication begins with you – because your wealth plan should revolve around what is most important to you.  This includes your needs, your values, your goals, your risk preferences and scores of other determinants we methodically work through with you.

You define what you want to achieve.  We agree the goals and priorities to work towards.  We help you define what the destination looks like, and then use our expertise and experience to help you get there.  That’s the commitment we make to each of our clients.

APW Partners works as the hub through which you can access the expertise you need through the various transitions of your financial life.  We ensure your wealth plan is cohesive, comprehensive and coordinated.  We provide not just answers, but options, and help alleviate the anxiety and uncertainty we all face when experiencing major life transitions.

When establishing the values and principles of APW Partners, the founders were driven by their intense personal dissatisfaction with traditional wealth management providers such as private banks, financial services firms and trustee companies, who control over 80% of all advisers in Australia. 

Though we know great advisers exist within those organisations, we (and many of our clients) have experienced first-hand their culture of selling and distributing financial and investment products under the guise of advice.  We have a client first culture and personalised relationship management.

Each of our advisers looks after 30 to 50 clients at most, as opposed to the hundreds of clients in many other firms.   Communication is the key to our relationships.  That is how we’ve developed intimate, trusted and lifelong relationships with clients just like you.