Is APW Partners for you?

A career in wealth management can be incredibly meaningful and fulfilling, but the environment you work in must have the right values and principles.

Our team culture is focused on:

  • Always putting the needs of the client first.
  • Building relationships with people – we never sell financial products.
  • Maintaining a low client to adviser ratio compared to other firms so that we can take the time to know our clients intimately.
  • No silos – we always work in a collaborative team environment.
  • Providing our people with career opportunities and the ability to achieve balance in their life.
  • Only the highest ethical standards are acceptable.
  • Measuring our client’s satisfaction to ensure we are delivering a valuable service.
    • Being a privately owned firm, so we can think long term and never allow short term objectives to drive team behaviour.

If you have strong communication skills and the ability to listen, and your values are aligned with our team culture, then APW Partners may be the right fit for you.