The Investment Answer

We believe it’s important that all our clients understand the basic principles of how we invest their money.

The easy-to-read book The Investment Answer uses simple but compelling logic to explain the principles of investing – the same principles at the heart of our investment approach.

Below is a video featuring one of the authors of The Investment Answer being interviewed by ABC News in America.  We encourage you to spend a few minutes watching the interview to gain an insight into this proven investment strategy.


Nigel Stewart on the ABC 7.30 Report

In December 2011, we provided expert opinion on ABC’s 7.30 program regarding hybrid securities.  The story detailed the Australian Securities & Investment Commission’s (ASIC) approach to warn investors about the risks associated with hybrid securities.

A large number of Australian companies (including Woolworths, ANZ & Origin Energy) have issued hybrid securities to small investors, many of whom are focused solely on the promised income yield and not on any of the underlying risks, particularly the risk of losing their capital.

Below is a link to the segment that aired on 7.30 featuring our Chairman, Nigel Stewart.