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You are your family’s chief executive officer.  Your decisions will largely determine whether you achieve your lifestyle and financial dreams.  And if your family is like many other successful families, your finances are complex.  This can make it tough to make the right financial decision every time.

We have found two things that can help tremendously in making smarter decisions: first, a systematic wealth management approach, and second, the right assistance to guide you through that approach—your own personal chief financial officer, if you will.

You and your family may already have a number of relationships with advisers.  If you are completely satisfied that you are on track to achieve what is most important to you, we congratulate you.  However, if you are wondering whether there may be another wealth adviser better suited to address your family’s very specific financial challenges beyond investments, such as estate planning or wealth protection, you are not alone. Industry research reports that more than four out of five surveyed investors with at least $1 million of investible assets have planned to move to a new adviser.

If you would like to get to know us better and understand how we might bring value to your personal planning, take advantage of our benchmarking service with senior members of our team.

In your complimentary Benchmarking meeting we will provide:

Independent advice

We are not sales people, but advisers who only work with a client where we can add value through a mutually enjoyable, trusted partnership.

Thorough analysis of your situation

We will ask questions and listen to you.  Only then will we provide a synopsis of possible gaps or issues with your current plans.

Opportunity for you to ask questions

Ask us the questions you may have wondered about but simply didn’t know who to ask.

We don’t believe that every Australian is a potential client of APW Partners, so if we do not believe we can deliver our services to you in a value enhancing way, we will tell you.

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