Family Office

Plans for preserving family wealth should take a very long-term view - potentially up to 100 years for some families.  This is hard work, particularly to ensure that each generation has the same ‘wealth-creating’ ideal of the first generation.

Human behaviour becomes a key focus – the family must invest in human and intellectual capital, not just financial capital.  This requires a focus on physical and emotional well-being and education and life experience.  There also needs to be representative governance founded on a set of shared values. 

APW Partners offers a Family Office service to a select group of families who require much greater assistance to manage and administer their complex financial affairs.

The services we provide include:


We act as the mailing house, ensuring all key financial information is centrally located and available for access by the family and their network of professionals advisers.

Income Tax Planning & Compliance

To ensure important tax related issues are considered in the sale of a business or major asset, investment strategies or negotiating a new compensation package.

Expense Management & Financial Reporting

For both individual clients as well as their business entities.

Co-Ordination of Advisers

We become the central focus point for the family’s dealings with their network of advisers to ensure we are as familiar with their situation as they are.