Our Investment Acumen

Our goal is to deliver an outstanding investment experience for each client because money is an enabler to a life well lived.

And we have a refreshing approach.

We don’t try to predict the daily, weekly or monthly movement of financial markets – and all the research over the past five decades confirms no one else can do this either, no matter how big they are or how many analysts they employ (link: Forecasters are bad at forecasting). 

Rather than try to predict the future to have a successful investment experience, our approach focuses on the following:

Everything we do is based on evidence, not opinions or speculation

The foundation of our approach is decades of academic research on the optimal way to build investment portfolios, which has a compelling track record of success.

Growing our deep working relationships with the global academic community

We regularly meet with leading financial academics to incorporate new research into our approach.  In particular, we work with the University Of Chicago Booth School Of Business, which counts six Nobel Prizes laureates amongst its faculty members.  (link: Eminent academic insights on the global economy)

A good company is not necessarily a good investment

We use research to identify dimensions of the market that offer the highest expected returns and specifically target them through advanced portfolio design, trading and implementation. (link: How the Best Investor in the World Beats the Market, A Good Apple is No Guarantee of a Good Investment)

Humans are poorly wired for investing

As much as we use evidence and science to build portfolios, we understand the importance of discipline and removing emotion, guesswork and speculation from the investment process. (link: The Art of Letting Go, Why Patient Investors in the US have been rewarded)

Strategy doesn’t change with economic conditions

We manage through markets based on where a client is in their life, not to the daily ups and downs of markets.  We successfully navigated the GFC for clients, with no frozen funds or substantial losses in portfolios. (link: The Death of Equities…again, The Case for Investing in Europe, Do Budget Deficits and Low Economic Growth Reduce expected Investment Returns?


A client always knows what they’re invested in and we avoid complex, tax driven products.

Maximise the probability of reaching your goals

We tailor our approach for each client.  Increasingly, our approach is favoured by ultra-high net worth families around the world.