Understanding what's important to you

Imagine having a relationship with your adviser where you know they understand you and the life you want to enjoy and are passionate in working with you to help achieve it.

Two of the most important attributes of an exceptional adviser are their ability to listen, coupled with the ability to ask questions that probe to the heart of the most critical issues.  We find that many new clients actually have a plan in place, but that it fails to address their fundamental needs.

Listening to our clients, we know that most successful families want an adviser who offers:

  • Objective advice that addresses your major financial concerns
  • Comprehensive wealth management services
  • Responsive to requests
  • Goals based planning aligned with what is most important to you
  • Transparent, fair fees
  • Continuity of advisory team relationship & primary point of contact
  • Security of assets
  • Durable organisation
  • Integrated advice with a network of professionals
  • Innovative solutions
  • Tracks their progress against their plan over time to identify decision points along the way
  • Peace of mind from having a simpler, easier to manage financial life

We offer all of our clients these things and more.

We take a client through an intelligent, human consultative process to understand what’s most important to them and gain clarity on their needs, concerns, values and goals.  Only then do we use our insight and expertise to partner with them and develop a plan unique to their needs.

Importantly, we track a client’s progress against their plan over time so we can identify decision points along the way.  This ensures a client’s financial affairs are always aligned with their deeper human values and needs.

Our consultative wealth management process is shown below: