Charitable Giving

Charitable giving has long been an area of importance for successful families, and interest in philanthropy has risen in recent years.

APW Partners and our people have a lifelong commitment to grow, educate and support families and individuals who wish to engage in philanthropy and possibly create a family legacy that spans across generations. We have been working with families since the 1990s to help them use their wealth to benefit not just their family, but also the world around them and make the greatest possible impact in the process. APW Partners is a member of Philanthropy Australia.

Our role in helping families develop their own philanthropic plan includes:

  • Education on philanthropy
  • Identification of shared family values
  • Establishment of appropriate structures, including family foundations such as Private Ancillary Funds (PAFs).  To date, we have established over 15 PAFs for clients.
  • Mission statement & Investment Policy development
  • Foundation governance & ongoing administration
  • Evaluation of projects and organisations to support.  Never think of your efforts as charity – to be philanthropic is to be a social investor who requires measurable impact reporting.
  • Strategic tax planning

We also assist Trustees of larger Foundations with managing their investments and complying with their legal responsibilities.

The following papers may assist you deepen your understanding of how you can develop your own private philanthropic plan: