What your plan will encompass

Few traditional advisers have the skillset or willingness to take a truly comprehensive and co-ordinated approach to managing a client’s financial affairs.  As a result, many people – even those with an adviser – make financial decisions sporadically or in isolation without an understanding of how they impact of their bigger picture.

Our definition of Wealth Management has three components, instead of the traditional one:

Investment Management

Every adviser provides their clients with investment advice. There is a spectrum of investment approaches available to investors.  Some of these approaches can add value; most don’t

Done well, investment management can provide the foundation for achieving a broad range of financial goals. Astute investment management requires you to deeply understand your most important challenges and then design investment strategies that reflect your time horizons for various goals and tolerance for risk. It also requires you to review your financial life on a regular basis so that you can make adjustments to the investment strategies as needed.

Read more about our Investment Management philosophy.

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is about making smart decisions on what matters most to you. Extensive research has helped us understand what affluent families want from their wealth adviser beyond investment advice.  Consequently our Strategic Planning processes are tailored to advise each client on the following matters:

Wealth Enhancement

For many successful families, preserving and optimising wealth is their core financial concern.  Growing and preserving wealth is not primarily measured by a periodic investment statement – although that can be reassuring – but by its ability to help you and your family meet your challenges and fulfill the many goals that give your life meaning. Strategies to optimise your wealth include:

  • Cashflow & Debt management
  • Planning with your accountant to develop a framework for effectively dealing with tax
  • Clarity of goals and regular progress reporting
  • Remuneration planning for professionals
  • Superannuation advice
  • Asset review to ensure optimal resource allocation

Wealth Transfer

Taking care of your family means more than just short term needs – it can extend to a time when you may not be around to take care of them.  As a family steward, you want your spouse, children and possibly succeeding generations to be financially secure.

This makes estate planning one of the most important areas of successful families’ financial lives, yet it is often misunderstood or overlooked completely.  And whilst documenting your wishes is essential, as important is preparing heirs to successfully receive and make use of the assets they will eventually inherit.  Using both our internal expertise and our professional network, our Wealth Transfer processes focus on:

  • Estate Planning
  • Delegation of financial and health authority
  • Intergenerational Planning
  • Long term aged care planning
  • Preparedness of your family for change and major life transitions
  • Tax structures

Wealth Protection 

In today’s world, we are all concerned about protecting what we have worked so hard for.  This includes not just our financial assets, but our property, confidential information and, most important of all, our loved ones.  By thoughtfully protecting your wealth against catastrophic loss, potential creditors, litigants and identity thieves, you help ensure that you and your loved ones will be able to achieve your goals.  Some of the areas we focus on include:

  • Legal Structures – establishment and ongoing gap analysis
  • Personal insurance needs for the whole family
  • General insurance
  • Personal risk identification and mitigation

Charitable Giving

Fulfilling charitable goals in the most impactful way possible.  Read more at Philanthropy & Family Foundation.

The impact of our Strategic Planning approach is reflected in the following testimonial from an estate lawyer we work with:

I have worked with many financial advisers but have not come across any who think as deeply about their client’s estate planning needs as APW Partners.  The internal report they have developed to identify gaps in their client’s estate plans even before they sit in front of an estate lawyer is a great example of their comprehensive approach to looking after every aspect of their client’s financial needs.

Terry McCabe, Principal, McCabes Lawyers

Relationship Management

We have strong internal processes to ensure each client receives the same experience regardless of who is in their primary advisory team. 

We also have an extensive network of professional relationships in Australia and globally to ensure we can resolve any financial issue that a client brings to us as part of our Strategic Planning service.